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5 empresas más sustentables en México

5 most sustainable companies in Mexico

This year the Sustainability Yearbook unveiled the most sustainable companies in the world, measuring their performance in economic, environmental and social matters. Among the more than 10,000 companies of all categories, some Mexican companies stood out, discover which they were below:

1.- Banco Santander México SA Among the initiatives of the Santander México financial group is financial inclusion, which consists of reversing the situation of thousands of people who do not have access to basic banking services, thus promoting financial education so that people can make better use of their resources, have access to quality services and meet the needs of each community.

2.- CEMEX Dedicated to the construction industry, this Mexican company is characterized by promoting socially responsible practices that minimize environmental impact. Through programs, it promotes the development of skills and abilities that encourage participants to improve their quality of life.

3.- Coca Cola SAB de CV The largest global beverage company is committed to being sustainable, which is why it has created various initiatives to reduce contamination in bodies of water through voluntary cleaning activities. It also works on innovative processes with the aim of developing local suppliers to improve environmental performance, as well as encourage recycling and achieve responsible consumption of raw materials.

4.- Orbia Advance Corpotation This Mexican chemical company works with governments, the private sector and local non-profit organizations around the world to achieve a more habitable planet. Among its commitments are the care of water and its administration for responsible use, it is also concerned with contributing to a net zero carbon economy by 2050 and, in addition, a climate transparency where they evaluate the climate risks of their operations.

5. Fibra UNO Fibra UNO 's sustainability strategy includes initiatives that generate a greater positive impact on the social and environmental environment. Through these initiatives, it prevents money laundering, occupational health and safety, and emissions reduction.

We know that there are many more companies that year after year strive more to achieve a positive change for the environment. Do you know of any other that is sustainable and socially responsible?

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