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5 Ventajas de comprar desechables biodegradables en línea

5 Advantages of buying biodegradable disposables online

Currently, the purchase of takeaway food (Delivery) is part of a new normality that we are adopting, however some businesses are not aware of the damage they generate when using Styrofoam disposables that take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

That is why you should be using biodegradable and compostable disposable products, that is, they are returned to the earth shortly after use.

I tell you 5 advantages to buy compostable disposables online.

1.- Deliveries at the door of your business

Receiving your biodegradable and compostable disposable products at your home or business avoids transfers to other points, such as other branches or offices. This reduces the level of carbon particles that we generate in addition to the costs involved in shipments.

2.- Buy quantities that you really need

Sometimes we don't need a whole box of biodegradable disposable cups for our coffee, maybe we just need a few biodegradable cups or food containers. This gives you peace of mind not to buy more product than you really need.

3.- Facilitates the learning process for the use of sales platforms in Apps and online.

Imagine that you have a cafeteria that makes takeout deliveries and you manage several online platforms to receive your orders. All 100% digital, why should buying your biodegradable disposable supplies be any different? Making your purchase online facilitates the adoption of new digital platforms, apps and technologies.

4.- Schedule your purchases automatically

At We Care Products we understand that making the purchase of your biodegradable disposable supplies automatically is important and has value, so when you buy in our online store you can schedule your purchases recurringly and automatically. Let the purchases do themselves!

5.- Exclusive promotions

Obtaining offers on special purchase dates such as hot sale, or exclusive promotions through our online store are advantages that you simply would not obtain in volume purchases.

I invite you to learn about our WeCard membership, with which I guarantee you will always get the best price for your business.

These are just some of the advantages of buying your biodegradable disposable products online. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please write to me:

Choose to take care of the environment, choose compostable.

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