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¿Cuánto contaminan los desechables al pedir comida a domicilio?

How much do you pollute when ordering food at home?

The pandemic locked everyone in our homes, little by little we saw how it was necessary to change our habits and activities.

For example, a trip to our favorite restaurant became a takeaway app.

It was very easy for us to adapt to this change as it became really comfortable. However, for the planet it was quite the opposite. Since very few establishments show interest in taking care of the environment.

An order to our home or work implies a waste of plates, glasses, spoons and an unnecessary number of bags. That's a lot of junk for one order.

Let's do the calculation, 1 Styrofoam plate takes between 500 to 800 years to degrade for 5 days a week, during the 321 working days they give us an approximate of:

526,800 years of pollution.

The food is finished in approximately half an hour. However, we are not aware of the damage we are causing, if you are the owner of a food business, please I ask you to know about compostable products. They are products that, in addition to biodegrading quickly, are naturally reintegrated into the earth in the form of a nutrient or fertilizer.

What can you do to improve this?

How much do you contaminate when ordering food at home?
We finished telling you everything in less than 2 minutes in our most recent video on Instagram. Click on the smartphone and let's start making a difference.

Choose environmentally friendly products, choose compostable!

If you have any questions, I invite you to write to us or contact us through our social networks.

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