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Juntos hacia un mundo sin residuos

Together towards a world without waste

More and more brands are joining the use of sustainable materials to create packaging that is easy to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint, as is the case of Coca Cola, which recently announced that one of its soft drink brands, Sprite, would contribute. to change in favor of the environment.
The Sprite brand announced its new look “transparent is the new green” in which its packaging is more sustainable, but why? Because the process of recycling colored bottles is more difficult, since it is a pigmented plastic, you can only obtain dark products, which have limited use in the market. However, there is no need to worry about their content since they will continue to retain the same flavor as always: lemon-lime.
With this new presentation, Coca Cola strengthens the recycling culture, making the reincorporation of its products more efficient to produce recycled resin.
You too join the change and choose sustainable products in your brand or business.
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You can also see the new Sprite bottle by going to:

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