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¿Qué son los desechables biodegradables y compostables?

What are biodegradable and compostable disposables?

We have talked a lot in our daily lives about the use of biodegradable and compostable products, but the reality is, do we know what these disposables are made of? Are they really better than conventional plastics?

Caring for the environment is gaining strength and more and more new generations are concerned about it, however, the responsible consumption of these products is still uncertain since many continue to associate the word biodegradable with expensive and not very resistant containers, but these containers for Food or drinks are of high quality, resistant and easy to handle for transport and preservation of the contents.

In Mexico, there are different types of ecological materials for the production of plates, glasses, containers, bags, straws, cutlery, etc.

First we have Wheat Bagasse , which is made up of natural fibers extracted from wheat in its fermentation process. The visual finish on products with this material is brown, which evokes sustainability. There is also Cane Bagasse , a fibrous residue that is extracted from sugar cane. The composition of the material contains 60% plant fibers and 40% water. Furthermore, due to its easy molding, different product proposals can be generated that withstand high temperatures, do not absorb moisture or drain liquids.

Corn Starch products are made from a biopolymer derived from the starch of the plant and their main characteristic is that they are rigid like traditional plastics, with the advantage of being biodegradable.

To produce PLA Paper cups, a composite material between recycled paper and PLA laminate is used, obtained from the extraction of dextrose and glucose from fruit starch and then fermented with lactic acid. These containers are ideal for fresh foods and drinks.

What are biodegradable disposables?

Another material is PBAT , a copolymer of aliphatic and aromatic compounds. The combination of these materials offers biodegradability, weight resistance and aromatic quality with the 0% plastic compostable property. Composed of 50% PBAT plus 35% cornstarch and 15% PLA.

Now you know! At We Care we are committed to generating a positive impact on the planet, improving disposable packaging solutions based on 100% renewable natural materials that have the ability to compost the moment they are discarded. Join the change, join We Care!

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