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Una vida ecológica con Zac Efron

A green life with Zac Efron

The beloved American actor Zac Efron teaches us the importance of improving our ecological practices in the world and our society.

Taking as reference his documentary: With his feet on the ground on Netflix. We share tips for a more ecological life.

We can live with renewable energy

In Iceland, we follow Zac in a society that takes advantage of its own natural resources and manages to produce renewable energy, reducing pollution.

Local beekeeping is possible

Although it is not common knowledge or we were all educated, we can be aware and produce honey in our garden to help the bees a little.

Create programs to care for our forests and fauna

Zac, through the documentary “With our feet on the ground” teaches us on his trip to Costa Rica the importance and ways to conserve our forests and how rescue centers for wild animals work.

The importance of taking care of water

On his trip to Paris, Zac Efron shows us the processes they carried out in this city to care for water. We see how Parisians have free and public drinking water.

No matter who you are, you can be part of the change

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