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1% of sales will be donated to various support programs.

Take care of the planet

Being part of this great program gives us the opportunity to help make change by caring for the planet and its inhabitants.

How will we support?

With innovative projects and very focused on direct support
on various environmental and social needs, 1% for the planet is
Ensures that companies enrolled in its program donate 1% of sales.

This is a great achievement for the planet, having an organism
that is responsible for managing the projects that need support and gathering
companies with the same vision and initiative.

WE CARE joins

Respecting the values ​​that the brand has and the reason why it was founded, starting in 2023 we will join this program, hoping to reduce the footprint on our planet as a company. And with your support we can achieve that goal

"We see 1% for the Planet as an advocacy or activism 'plug' for Avocado. It connects us to a vetted directory of nonprofits, who are doing the work we want to support. With the help of the 1% team, "We can quickly find the right resource to support the issue we are publicly seeking to help. It allows us to be agile, reactive, and truly live our values ​​in real time."

– Jessica Hann, SVP Brand + Sustainability

"1% for the Planet supports environmental nonprofit organizations that align with our brand mission and values. Additionally, our external community trusts the 1% for the Planet name just as we do! so they know they can trust Outer too."

– Shae Sattler, Partnerships & Community Manager

“Our commercial and retail clients always ask us how we interact with our consumers. When we share that we are members of 1% for the Planet and what that means, we always receive very positive feedback. Being a member of the 1% has opened the doors to several consumer-oriented programs that we would not have otherwise secured."

– Darin Dougherty, Director of Marketing.

Ways to make donations

Monetary donations

The money goes directly to the environmental partners, the brand decides which one or which ones to support and where.

Donations in kind

Products or services to communities or associations that need your support.

Time Donations

Company employees must volunteer hours.

Advertising donations

Donate money to advertising to promote the 1%.

Our motto of REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT, we not only want to leave it in a matter of disposables, but also reduce our footprint as a society and
Let's support programs like 1% for the planet.

We are all united by a single goal, protecting the future
of our planet, and this program opens the doors for us to do so, and with your
It helps to be able to continue fulfilling it.