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We not only work with nature, but also
We support different programs to recover our planet and have a place
suitable for living.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®).

They are the most reliable sustainable forest management solution
in the world, generating positive impacts for forests, markets and people – now and in the future.

FSC® License N004219

Forest For All Forever.

FSC® emerged as a response to the lack of international consensus at the 1992 Earth Summit on an agreement to stop deforestation.

So a group of businesses, environmentalists and community leaders came together to create a revolutionary concept: a voluntary, market-based approach that would improve forestry practices around the world.

Areas where they support

Preserve the world's forests.

Protect habitat for wildlife.

Ensure the rights of communities and workers.

Improve the quality of life of indigenous peoples.

Traceability from the forest to the consumer.

Forests support life on earth

  • 31% of the earth's land surface is made up
    through forests.
  • 80% of the world's terrestrial species are supported
    through forests.
  • 1,600 M people depend on forests for their livelihood.
  • Forests protect our soils, provide great
    part of our fresh water and regulate and stabilize our climate.

Figures in Mexico

Being “green” is no longer voluntary.

Sustainability as a business value, we are committed to a sustainable world by implementing “green” actions that represent our values ​​and commitment to the environment.

CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, active and voluntary contribution of companies in social, economic and environmental improvement.

Responsible consumers, increasingly demanding and aware of the environment. They demand sustainable value within the attributes of the products. Creation of shared value, increasing the profitability of companies and creating an impact that differentiates. Generate economic, social and environmental wealth. Create competitive advantages.

Protected hectares

1.44 million hectares certified in Mexico.

Certified forests

106 FM/COC Forest Management certificates.

Chains of custody

227 Chain of Custody certificates in Mexico.

Brand uses

20 FSC Brand Use promotional licenses.

FSC vs. Greenwashing


FSC standards not only recommend compliance with
sustainable specifications, check that these numbers are occurring in